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About the lake

Fishing Park Phuket Chalong


Welcome to Sea Monster Fishing Park Phuket, your exclusive saltwater lake destination in Phuket for predator fish!

  • Only predator fish here: Grouper, Barramundi, Milkfish, Cobia, GT, and both Red and White Snapper.

  • Every angler has their own space.

  • Fishing gear and bait included, but you can bring your own !

  • Food and drinks are available. Barbecue for rent.

  • Non fisheman don't pay

Our 7 predator fish.

Giant Trivaly GT

Experience the thrill of battling the Giant Trevally (GT), a fierce competitor in our waters. Our largest GT challenges anglers with its formidable strength, weighing in at up to 10 kg. A true test for any fishing enthusiast.

Giant Trivally Thailand
Grouper Bait Fishing


Discover the marvel of our lake: the majestic Grouper, a true giant of the waters, with our heaviest champion tipping the scales at an impressive 35 kg. A testament to the rich biodiversity and thriving ecosystem of our aquatic haven.


Catch the exhilarating Barramundi, renowned for its spectacular jumps and guaranteed to offer a memorable battle. A favorite among anglers for its spirited resistance.

Barramundi Fishing Trip
Milk Fish Phuket Lake

Milk Fish

A prize for patient anglers: the Milkfish, renowned for its shyness, adds an element of intrigue and satisfaction to the sport, making every catch a rewarding experience.


The Cobia, our newest lake resident, is a spectacle with its vigorous leaps, making it a sought-after catch for sport fishing enthusiasts.

Cobia Fishing Charter
Red Snapper Mangrove Jack

Red and White Snapper

The Red and White Snapper: a dual delight of our lake, striking in color and a favorite among anglers for its fight

Our prices

Our prices


2 Hours Fishing Experience

Quick Escape: Perfect for those who want a brief yet exciting fishing experience. Dive into the thrill, and who knows what you'll catch!

Price: 1700฿

Half Day Fishing Adventure 

Time Slots: 09:00-13:00 / 13:30-17:30

Immerse yourself for a few hours of serene fishing. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned anglers.

Price: 2700฿


Full Day Fishing Expedition 

Time Slot: 09:00-17:30

For the ultimate fishing enthusiast! Spend a whole day in our lush surroundings, casting your line and relaxing in nature.

Price: 3700฿

Night Fishing - Booking Only!

Time Slots: All Week

Feeling the heat? On these sweltering days, the park will be accessible from 5:30 AM to 10:00 PM daily, exclusively through reservations!

Price: 2 / 4 hours

Night Fishing
Fishing Lake Phuket Thailand

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Grouper Fish Bait Chalong Lac
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12/37 chaofa ease road, Chalong, Phuket 83000


Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday


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